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We deliver projects and cooperate with industry, public sector and academia outside of Sweden for a more sustainable society.

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Our vision is sustainable communities everywhere

Sweden has extensive experience in environmental and social sustainability. Through our consultants and researchers, IVL offers expertise in circular flows, renewable energy, waste management, clean water, life cycle analysis (LCA), clear air, mobility and transport.

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IVL in China

IVL has two offices in China, in Beijing and Wuhan. With a strong network and insight into how the Chinese market works, IVl China offer expertise can take project from start to finish in sustainable development.

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IVL in India

Since its inception, IVL's Mumbai office has worked with public and private stakeholders on waste management, air purification, renewable energy and water and wastewater treatment.

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Latest international news

International platforms run by IVL

Personer framför en skylt

Smart City Sweden

IVL is managing Smart City Sweden, a platform with the aim to increase the collaboration between Sweden and other countries within sustainable city solutions. This is made possible by offering international delegations study visits, workshops and meetings with Swedish experts and companies to learn more and share experiences in sustainability issues. The programs are tailored to the needs of the delegation. 

Read more about Smart City Sweden External link.

Man installerar solceller

Swedish Cleantech

Swedish Cleantech is also managed by IVL and financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The platform gathers Swedish companies that deliver products, services and solutions within the cleantech sector and offers news, updates and statistics about the Swedish cleantech market.

Read more about Swedish Cleantech External link.

A selection of our international consulting projects

A world map with pins showing a selection of IVL:s international consultancy projects.

Some of our international researchers

IVL has a long history of conducting international research outside of Sweden. We collaborate with consortsia and partners within EU and other international projects in areas such as energy, water, waste, transport and mobility.


Kvinna som ler mot kameran

More effecient energy use in industries

Sofia Klugman has worked with the EU projects So What, Retrofeed and Pulp and Fuel on energy effenciancy and waste product management in industries.

- Selling residual heat is a win-win situation: less cooling is needed at the industries, and heating of properties can take place without the supply of fuels that have a negative environmental impact and volatile prices


Man i blå skjorta och vit bakgrund som tittar in i kameran

Testbeds for recycling resources in wastewater

Staffan Filipsson leads the project Innorec External link., which develops techniques to recover nutrients from wastewater. The project is a collaboration between IVL and ENWA Water Technology in Sweden and SANEPAR and SENAI in Curitiba, Brazil. At the Swedish side of the project, tests are running at Testbed Storsudret for a sustainable water supply.

- With a warmer climate, the problems with water supply in warmer countries are intensifying. Therefore, we hope to establish a twin test bed in India to develop more and better methods for water effeciancy and purification.

Circular flows

Kvinna i blå skjorta och svart kavaj mot vit bakgrund

Circular flows from the start

By building an international network in the IRISS External link. project the goal is sustainably designed materials, products and processes. Project leader Emma Strömberg is the hub of consortium of actors in private and public organisations.

- A key aspect of the EU Green Deal is the shift from linear to circular flows. The results of these projects will lead to recommendations to the European Commission.

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