BASTA is the industry's only independent environmental assessment system for construction and civil engineering products. We give you the tools to build sustainably. The purpose of BASTA is to phase out substances with hazardous chemical properties from construction and civil engineering products and contribute to Sweden's national environmental quality goal - non-toxic environment.

In BASTA's product database, you will find building and construction products that meet Basta's requirements for chemical content. The database is free and open to everyone. BASTA's database contains all products that fulfil BASTA’s requirements for chemical content as well as products included in the product group electronics. The criteria of the BASTA system are based on European chemicals legislation REACH and CLP.

IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and Byggföretagen are jointly developing the joint company BASTA, which is a non-profit driven company. With knowledge of the industry's needs and a high level of competence in the environmental field, a system based on science is built.

Read more about BASTAonline here External link, opens in new window.

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