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We create resource-efficient, non-toxic and circular flows

A circular economy allows products and materials to live as long as possible. Food waste becomes biogas. Wastewater becomes drinking water and old clothes become new again.

Circular flows are not just about recycling. It is about planning for recycling or reuse already at the design stage. It is often about complex value chains and about what substances are released throughout the life cycle, and how much energy is required. It is about us as consumers.

IVL develops and evaluates resource-efficient processes with minimised waste and provides guidance for smarter use of materials, water and energy. We literally work with all products, from floor to ceiling and across society. We work with buildings and everything inside them. Mining waste, energy streams and industrial symbiosis. For us, circular is the only straight line.

Services we offer you in circularity

IVL helps you develop solutions that contribute to sustainable business and society. Everything we do is based on science, and when you hire us as a consultant, you get all our research in return.

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